BioStrataTM   was founded by associates in 1993 in Vancouver, Canada. BioStrata is connected with well-respected and established Canadian based Health and Skin Care R&D manufacturing companies in the North America region. With these close relations BioStrata in the SE Asia area is able to get valuable R&D information and innovations regarding to products relating to Asian skin types and climate.


BioStrataTM  is an internationally known brand of skin care, spa and health care products originating from Canada. We have penetrated market throughout Europe, China and Southeast Asia. We have factories & R&D Centers in Canada, Singapore and China.

 The wide acceptance of BioStrata Rejuvenation Series, Poly A Treatment (AHA Peels), and DNA Enzyme Series have made us an established ourselves as a leader in the industry, with our innovative, effective and safe products.

Where we differ from Over The Counter products is that we load our products with active ingredients to make these products as effective as possible. BioStrata is always looking to improve its products with new and innovative active ingredients to acheive exceptional results.

We are proud to have a group of beauticians & salons working hand in hand with us to open up new markets around the world. With their sincere participation and cooperation, we’ll work harder to expand and establish BioStrata for the benefits of all our customers.

Our business is also to provide professional education, we’ve always been emphasizing on providing efficient training programs so our students feel confident venturing out into the industry. Our experienced tutors have passed the most stringent tests to become qualified teachers to lead and guide students to become confident, knowledgeable & skillful estheticians.


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